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As You Create, You Are Created

A Manifesto For Living A Creative Life

As you create a child, you are created. As you write your book, make your movie, paint your paintings– you are created. As you launch your purpose-driven brand or your social enterprise, you are created.

The more you give the more you reveal. To yourself. To others. To the world.

It’s all there in the work. The things you have to say. Your point of view. The pain. The joy. Your talent. Your humanity. 

It’s all there …

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Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re at a pub. A small place, known only to the locals. Great food. The bartender knows us by name. Just a couple of friends talking about our journey.  

So you grab your favorite cup of tea or perhaps a dark roast, a few fingers of bourbon. And  you settle in. You’re fully present
for the content on this page.

You read all the words. You watch all the videos. And then you let the experience wash over you. Everything that has been said.

Your thoughts and feelings. The new ideas that came to life. The fellowship we shared. The things you’ve come to realize  … 


In the stillness, you can hear their whispers. The hidden forces that move you to create something new. It’s an odd dance. The discipline of a daily practice. The moments of inspiration. Back and forth they sway.

The highs. The lows.

Curious, you chase the sparks. Doors open. Doors close. Ideas appear. Fear kicks in. Self-doubt. More highs. More lows. And then the spark becomes a fire …

And the fire becomes a book or a heartfelt brand; a piece of art or drilling for water in Kenya; a social justice documentary or a Michelin Star restaurant.


The status quo will never be your friend. Other people’s hallucinations about who you should be and how you should live is about them. Be free. Be you. 


Whatever that looks like. You get to be you. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Own your story without apology. Be real. Embrace your imperfections. Let your true voice be heard. 


Take some risks. Break some rules. Paint outside the lines. Sure, you’ll make a mess of things, but what better way to live and learn?! Your true potential will be found off the beaten path. Become the ever curious Trailblazer.


To yourself. To those you love. To your life. To your work. To the things that truly feed you. Drop the armor. Be fully in the moment. Stop numbing out. Live, lead & create as a fully engaged, authentic being. 

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It’s not a forced thing, it’s an organic thing. Choose vibrancy over obligation. Seek to thrive not survive. Take on new challenges. Push your craft to the next level. Do the things that challenge and energize you. 


Creating stuff is just work. But bringing ideas to life that deeply feed you is something else. The work becomes bigger than you, taking on a life of its own. As your projects become more, you become more. Both as a Creator and as a human being.  


Your process is the life blood of your craft, whatever that might be. Get to know it! Double down on it! Cherish all the ways you get into The Zone. They’re all a part of your proprietary  process that makes the magic happen!


Your creative works are worthy of audacious expression. Your bold ideas, your crazy business model, are worthy of an audacious launch. So get them seen!

You don’t need permission. Just do your thing.

And trust that your voice and vision will grow with time. But honestly, don’t worry about all that stuff. Everything you need is found in the work. The more you do, the more you’ll grow. That’s the process. So do the work. 


Margaret Connor Wellness Consultant

The greatest advantage to having Bob in your life is that he calls bullshit on you in the kindest of ways when you get distracted from your path. Take a moment and think about the list of people in YOUR life that can offer you that clarity-and truly with your very best intentions at heart.

Margaret Connor
Wellness Consultant

Karen Barry Flywheel Creative

During a workshop Bob was teaching, he helped a woman with her elevator pitch. He kept challenging her to identify the “why” when she finally blurted out, ‘I give children a voice.’ It was a very moving and powerful moment. We all had goosebumps. That’s what it’s like to work with Bob Olmstead.

Karen Barry
Flywheel Creative
Design Firm

AS YOU CREATE, YOU ARE CREATED | As you create a child, you are created. As you write your book, make your movie, paint your paintings– you are created. As you launch your purpose-driven brand or your social enterprise, you are created.
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