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My childhood was hostile. Chaotic. Even terrifying. But I refused to become a statistic so, at age sixteen, I was out on my own. Looking back, it’s a miracle I survived.

In the adult world, I learned being an overachiever opened doors. In my 20’s, that happened in sales. In my 30’s, senior management. It took me about (15) years to go from being a troubled teen on his own to earning six-figures as a senior manager without a degree.

Apparently, anything was possible!

In Episode 3, Season 4 of, “Mozart In The Jungle”– there is this scene that set my brain on fire. In it, Rodrigo, an orchestra conductor, collaborates with a choreographer and four ballet performers.  

The scene peaks when Rodrigo starts conducting the ballet performers using only his orchestral hand movements. No music.

Informing their improvised choreography, the personal stories Rodrigo had shared prior to their rehearsal. It was breathtaking.

The perfect blend of art with life with movement. And it was so visceral and pure. No audience. Nothing to prove. All that mattered was the truth that was already there. 

I was spellbound. 

When I first started creating The Maestro Experience™ in 2015, I had one idea in mind. I wanted to help everyday creatives and visionaries give birth to their best, most daring life and work. That was it.

But honestly, it all started back when I was a troubled teen some thirty years ago. That’s when I first started noticing the moments that took my breath away. 

Every nuance. Every detail. Every beat of energy. I saw the raw DNA of those kinds of moments. I still do. It’s how I process the world. 

Maestros master the moments.

Once that hit me in 2015, I wanted to teach that concept. But I wanted to do that in a way that was, in and of itself, a series of extraordinary moments. But such an experience would last longer than a workshop.

What might that look like?

Then it hit me … a cyber sabbatical. A program where everyday people with ideas, ambition, things to create, could awaken their deepest needs and their greatest talents.

But more than anything, Maestro is the sacred walk we take together. You have things to explore and make your own. You have truths that need to be told. You have talent beyond what you currently see. 

You have demons to slay. You have fears to accept and in some cases, overcome. But still, it’s really about the walk. That informal process of exploring, expanding, and creating.

That’s where the magic happens because I’m in the middle of the exact same process. We all are. 

I look forward to talking soon,

Bob Olmstead


  • 655 Brand Strategy Retreats
  • 18,577 Hours As A Consultant/Coach
  • 2,776 Hours As A Copywriter
  • 720 Speaking Gigs
  • 20 Years As A Business Owner
  • 581 Hours Of Training In The Performing Arts
  • Director/Producer Of (2) Short Films & One Play
  • Graduate Of Two Improvisational Schools
  • Niche Focus In Experimental Film & Theater
  • 52 Live Performances As An Improvisational Actor
Mark Becker Fort Wayne

I have known Bob professionally for almost (20) years now and I can personally attest to the powerful impact of his teaching and mentoring. His amazing skills in assessment established a personal level of responsibility for leadership, and a reality check for the progress we were achieving. Bob’s message is powerful and direct, compassionate and laser beam accurate.

Mark Becker
The City Of Fort Wayne
(2) Time Deputy Mayor

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